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Sanskriti Yoga Festival

3rd edition: 30 June, 1st and 2nd July 2023

Stalls • Yoga • Meditation • Music • Talks • Food • Kids • Workshops • Well being workshops

Yoga festival in Scionzier by Sanskriti foundation

The foundation

The Sanskriti foundation was created with our desire to promote yoga and spiritual well-being as a way of life.

Through cultural events and workshops the foundation is actively involved in bringing yoga to everyday life and making it accessible for everyone. The foundation is also involved in introducing yoga to kids through weekly classes.

The festival

The Sanskriti yoga festival is a celebration open to people of all ages and backgrounds with or without previous experience in yoga.

An uplifting open-hearted gathering with yoga teachers and musical artists, local artisans, creating a platform for you to learn, experience, discover and transform. It’s a weekend celebrating all that is yoga!

Previous editions

An uplifting


Yoga teachers

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Sanskrit Chants
Restorative Yoga
Restorative Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Meridian Hatha Yoga
Yin Yoga
Tantra Yoga
Yoga Nidra
Accro Yoga
Hatha Yoga Eva Ruchpaul
Vedic musician
Solo Meditative Concert
Traditional Aromatherapy
Paddle yoga
Kundalini Yoga
Musical Concert

4 days retreat post festival

According to Kashmir Shaivism which is also known as Trika philosophy, Shakti is also the vibration or the throb of the ‘I’, and Spanda is the first pulsation of creation identical with Vimarśa – the throb of ecstasy of the Divine I-Consciousness.

During these 4 days, we will practice, embody and study about the meditations and principles of this tradition, we will start the day with meditation & pranayama , giving time for sharing healthy meals & break to then continue with asana sessions -Iyengar yoga – followed by special methodology where we will be working with partners in our postures to continue with a daily circle of Kashmir shaivism, lunch and close the day together in the practice Of Bhakti yoga

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10 €
2,5 day(s)
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2 day(s)
165 €
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1 day(s)
90 €
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This yoga festival is a celebration of yoga with live kirtans, morning meditations, satsangs etc.
The aim is to make Scionzier the European capital of yoga in these 3 days.