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Nadia – Social Worker and Mystic Enthusiast

Nadia is a compassionate social worker with a deep appreciation for human connections and well-being. Her genuine interest in the esoteric realm adds a unique dimension to her approach. With a keen sensitivity to the needs of others, Nadia has dedicated her career to fostering meaningful relationships and supporting individuals in their personal growth.

Her journey began in the field of social work, where she developed a profound understanding of the importance of human connection and its impact on well-being. Over time, her curiosity led her to explore the mystical and divine aspects of life. This exploration has allowed Nadia to cultivate a deeper understanding of the human experience and offer a holistic approach to her work.

Nadia’s journey took an exciting turn when she discovered yoga. Starting in 1987, she immersed herself in the practice, studying under a renowned yoga teacher in ChambĂ©ry. During this time, she delved into Hatha Yoga, Egyptian Yoga developed by Babakar Khan, and an energy-oriented version of Kung Fu. Through her teacher, she was introduced to Natha Yoga, an ancient tantric tradition originating in Varanasi, also known as Benares.

Following her passion for yoga, Nadia pursued extensive training under the guidance of Christian Tikhomiroff, a highly respected yoga teacher. After years of personal development and deepening her practice, she became a certified yoga instructor. Nadia’s expertise extends to Yoga Nidra, a transformative practice she now shares by offering teacher training programs.

Immersed in the rich traditions and mysticism of India, Nadia’s experiences, including visits to Varanasi, have profoundly influenced her approach. She continues to explore rituals and Sadhana through participation in workshops led by Christian, who also serves as the President of the French Federation of Yoga Schools.

Nadia’s passion for supporting others and her deep connection to mysticism drive her to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Her unique blend of social work expertise and spiritual insights makes her a compassionate and holistic practitioner.