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Atma Singh

Ayurvedic science

After starting Kundalini Yoga and White Tantra in Boston, USA, Atma Singh experienced his first true transformative experience in August 1993. Deeply inspired, Atma Singh transitioned from the discipline of high-level sports to that of a yogi, rising at 4 am every morning for practice for over 6 years. Atma Singh also traveled extensively to spend as much time as possible with Yogi Bhajan in the USA, India, Germany, Italy, England, and France.
Since 2014, Atma Singh has focused on Ayurvedic science and now offers explanations on the circumstances of a Kundalini awakening in relation to Ayurvedic principles.
According to Atma Singh, the goal of Kundalini Yoga is not to force the rising of Kundalini energy but to ensure that if it is the student’s destiny to awaken it, it happens safely. By mastering the circumstances of a Kundalini awakening, the danger can be avoided.