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Laëtitia and Saskia

Bharatnatyam, Omkara school of Dance

Laëtitia and Saskia are senior dancers from the Omkara school of dance in Geneva.
Omkara was founded in 1987 and since has trained several students in the art of Bharatanatyam. Transmitting the art form and providing the correct information to the spectators so that they understand the philosophy of dance, has been of the highest priority of the school. Senior students who have been training for more than 20 years have achieved a good proficiency in the art form and Omkara is very proud of their achievement. Students have performed for many prestigious festivals and dance competitions in India and abroad.

At Omkara we believe that Bharata Natyam is about much more than intricate footsteps and expressive gestures.
It is about self-discovery through body dynamics and use of space, about finding joy through synchronisation of mind and body, about cultivating peace of mind through discipline, preparation and practice, which when followed regularly manifests as inner calm and abundant joy – powerful tools which enable dancers to experience professional growth and complete ownership over their art.
This School was founded by Ms. Sujatha Venkatesh who is also it’s art director. Sujatha Venkatesh is not new to the dance scene in Geneva, Switzerland, which has been her work theatre for the last three decades. She strongly believes that dance is the ultimate form of expression, one that transcends race, culture and religion. In the spirit of sharing knowledge with no strings attached to conformed social norms Omkara is home to students from varied backgrounds, culture and walks of life who share their experiences of life and dance, grow together and dance together in an atmosphere of complete harmony enriched with spiritual and cultural diversity. She has trained many students and has choreographed many presentations across Europe.