Janick Toutain

Accro Yoga

A sportsman since always, I practiced a wide variety of disciplines during my life. Like many, I started Yoga for the sake of flexibility. But very quickly, I began to integrate this practice into my daily life. It is the desire/desire to go further that led me to follow a three-year training course in the school of Ron Van Der Post*, while continuing to explore several styles of yoga.

I am also passionate about other types of movements such as acrobatics, handstand and acroyoga, which I also teach.

The practice of these disciplines made me realize that the phases of rest were just as important for the body as the activity. This is why I am trained in traditional Thai massage, Dynamic Thai massage and currently in continuing education in Thai Osteo.

On another level, I work on adaptation and mental management through voluntary exposure to cold.

Today, the courses that I offer are finally impregnated with all these practices.