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Sanskrit Chants

Gaiea holds a degree in Sanskrit from the University of Oxford where she also had a singing scholarship. Since university she has combined a love of Sanskrit with exploration of the voice. She visits India yearly for a month to study with voice and Sanskrit teachers.

She performs, writes and records songs, leads regular Kirtan (chanting) and Sanskrit, Philosophy & Meditation workshops in London, and has also studied Alexander Technique (psycho-somatic work which explores the innate connection between mind and body, heal one, heal both, and heightened awareness of the way you move). All sound comes from and returns to silence, all movement comes from and returns to rest, and all success comes from the potential that can only be realized if you stop letting the mind rule, and realize you have the choice, the choice to sound something pure, to sound for your well being and for those you come into contact with.

Through Sanskrit, the heart opens. Let us learn, explore, Chant and most importantly experience the power of the vibrations of this divine language so that what is expressed in the ancient wisdom can become actualised, realised and understood.