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I was born and raised in the Alps, I have always been close to nature since childhood. At 18, my curiosity led me to travel and discover different countries. I made my first trip to India in 2011. I took my first yoga class out of curiosity, it was love at first sight. For several years I practiced yoga every day, I also did various internships in India and I continued to study the great books of yoga.
One winter I had several shoulder dislocations because I ski a lot. I stopped practicing yoga postures. The doctors told me that the only solution was the operation, with several months of immobilization of the arm. One day I went to see my fascia therapist, she told me “don’t be afraid to use your arm”. He was cold and thin. We worked well together and I resumed the practice of postures. Today I am proud to tell you that at the moment I still have not had surgery, my shoulder is fine and I use it normally.​